Partnership benefits & reasons

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Partnership benefits & reasons


Below you can find some of the partnership benefits, opportunities and reasons to join forces and work together on more sustainable consumption:

  • You lead the way, contribute to making consumption more sustainable and make a difference

Unfortunately, consumption is often not only unsustainable but also unhealthy, both for people and for the planet.

Given businesses, institutions and organizations have more resources, influence and opportunities, they can have a greater impact and also bear greater responsibility than individual consumers. Therefore, they should take the lead and serve as role models who embrace, facilitate and promote sustainable consumption.


  • You support sustainable initiatives and entrepreneurs

By working with us, you not only support sustainability and sustainable consumption, but also small, local entrepreneurs and contribute to the growth of sustainable initiatives and businesses.


  • We help you achieve your sustainability goals

By working with us, we help you integrate sustainable consumption into your daily life and activities, make your consumption more sustainable and realize and achieve your sustainability goals, while your organization/business contributes to making consumption more sustainable and supports sustainable initiatives and vendors. A win-win situation.


  • We offer a diverse selection of sustainable, ecological, organic, fair trade, and healthy products

We collaborate with vendors and suppliers of sustainable products to provide an extensive range of food items, bulk products, dietary supplements, personal care products, and maintenance products, ensuring that every organization/business can make their (daily) consumption more sustainable while respecting individual dietary needs:

  • Catering for events, workshops, get-togethers …: If you need certain products/ingredients for an event, workshop or other occasion, our selection of organic and healthy options will impress your guests.
  • Food products that meet individual (dietary) needs and preferences such as vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free or lactose-free products.
  • Sustainable and healthy products for daily, internal use: Our products can cater to every aspect and part of your organization’s/business’ (food) consumption making it more sustainable and healthier. Food matters and is much more than just fuel. However, its impact on performance, health and well-being is often underestimated.
  • Exclusive offers: Our vendors offer exclusive promotions and discounts.


  • Combating waste together

Our vendors also offer products with short expiration dates at discounted prices. Yet another win-win situation!


  • Promotion, visibility and recognition

Sustainability efforts deserve to be in the spotlight, setting an example and inspiring others to follow. Therefore, we are eager to feature our partnership and your sustainability efforts on the platform and share it on social media.

    If your organization/business is interested in exploring the possibilities and opportunities of becoming a partner, making your consumption more sustainable and healthier, and working together on a more sustainable and responsible world, feel free to email us at

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