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Values & mission


Core Values and Goals of the Platform


These core values and goals reflect our commitment to fostering a healthier, more sustainable consumption and society.

  • Thriving Planet and People First: Our platform prioritizes the well-being of both the planet and its inhabitants above unsustainable, profit-driven agendas and limitless growth.
  • Intrinsic Health and Well-being: We believe that true health and well-being stem also from the quality of what you nourish your body with – the food you consume.
  • Sustainable Consumption: Our commitment lies in promoting sustainable, conscious consumption practices, as opposed to short-sighted consumerism and unsustainable consumer society.
  • Emphasis on Sustainable, Organic Food: We prioritize healthy, organic food and a high-quality diet over low-quality food and unhealthy diet.
  • Vendors, Businesses, Institutions and Organizations Leading the Way: Given they possess greater resources, influence, and possibilities, and therefore bear a greater responsibility and can have a more significant impact than individual consumers, we are convinced that they should take the lead and serve as role models by adopting, facilitating, and promoting sustainable consumption practices.
  • Active, Engaged Consumers: We advocate for active, engaged, and caring consumers who make informed choices, challenging the status quo of passive, self-centred, and self-interested consumer behaviour.
  • Social and Practical Sustainability: We focus on practical, personal, and social sustainability, valuing the tangible impact of actions over abstract and quantitative measures.

General Goals for Sustainability

These goals underscore our dedication to making sustainability an integral part of our daily lives and contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world.

  • Driving Positive Change in Consumption: We are committed to instigating sustainable changes in (food) consumption, contributing to the creation of a world where both humans and the planet can thrive sustainably.
  • Integration of Sustainability and Sustainable Consumption in Daily Life: Our primary focus is on lived, practical sustainability of daily life. We aim to demonstrate that sustainability is not just a concept and quantitative measures but an integral part of human and social activities and endeavours.
  • Providing Practical and Theoretical Insights: We aspire to offer a blend of practical, concrete ideas, and theoretical knowledge about sustainability and consumption. Our approach is primarily centred on personal, social, and cultural aspects, highlighting the significance of these dimensions in achieving sustainable consumption.

Business– and Community-Oriented Goals

These goals represent our commitment to support and promote sustainable consumption practices at the individual, group, organization and business level.

  • Supporting Sustainable Wholesalers and Retailers: Our goal is to promote, support, and empower vendors that sell sustainable, fair trade, organic, and ecological products. We aim to create a network of like-minded businesses committed to sustainable practices.
  • Working with Organizations and Businesses: We actively work with and encourage organizations and businesses to integrate sustainable consumption into their daily life and activities, and so help them achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Amplifying Voices for Sustainability: We are dedicated to giving voice and providing a platform for individuals, groups and organizations committed to fostering more sustainable and healthier consumption practices and contributing to a better society.

Consumer-Oriented Goals

These goals underscore our commitment to  fostering a community of informed and conscious consumers.

  • Facilitating and Promoting Sustainable Consumption Practices: Our aim is to encourage and facilitate sustainable consumption behavior and practices among consumers so that they can become more active, critical, and conscious consumers.
  • Simplifying Sustainable Shopping: We make it easier for consumers to find, select and buy sustainable products and supplements.
  • Enhancing Understanding of Sustainability: We strive to provide consumers with a critical, concrete, and practical understanding of sustainability, consumption, and sustainable products.

Our Mission

Transition to Sustainable Consumption and Food Systems

Unsustainable production and consumption patterns and practices have led to serious social, economic and environmental issues and degradation. They have been some of the biggest drivers of environmental damage, pollution, loss of biodiversity, resource depletion, increase in civilization and diet-related diseases, grave social-economic differences and inequalities, and so on.

To address, ameliorate and resolve these pressing challenges, transitioning to sustainable consumption and food systems is one of the most important conditions and actions to be taken. This includes a fundamental shift in what we produce (and consume) and how we produce it. Sustainable Development Goal 12 (SDG 12) recognizes the need for such a transformation, emphasizing sustainable production and consumption as key components of a more sustainable, healthier, equitable and ecologically sound future.

Briefly, structural changes are needed to not only safeguard the planet for future generations but also to ensure the health and well-being of current populations. Therefore, sustainable consumption has to be at the forefront of our efforts toward sustainable development.

How Our Platform Can Contribute to This Change

Our aim is to develop an innovative, distinctive online platform. Our goal is not to duplicate existing solutions but to forge a unique path, addressing unmet needs and offering something novel and innovative, something that is missing, is needed and many do not know (well).

There are two overarching goals of the platform:

FIRST GOAL – Advocating for and Simplifying Sustainable Consumption and Healthy Life

The first objective is to foster conscious, sustainable and healthy consumption and lifestyles, and make it easier for consumers, organizations and businesses to make their consumption more sustainable and healthier. We can achieve this through:

  1. Product Selection: Offering a wide range of sustainable, ecological, fair trade, organic, and natural products that also meet personal needs, preferences and tastes.
  2. Working with Sustainable Vendors: We bring together vendors of sustainable, healthy products on one platform and promote and support them by providing them with a marketplace.
  3. Sustainable Shopping and Delivery: Encouraging sustainable transportation and providing sustainable delivery.

SECOND GOAL – Approaching Sustainability from Practical, Personal, Social, and Cultural Perspectives

The second main goal revolves around understanding sustainability as something deeply human, as a personal, social, and cultural practice in daily life. This involves:

  1. Blogs as Tools: Using blogs to explore practical and concrete aspects and topics related sustainable consumption and products. 
  2. Holistic Perspective: Emphasizing that sustainability is not just a technical or environmental issue but also a personal, social, and cultural one.
  3. From Knowledge to Action: Blogs serve not only to offer concrete knowledge or raise awareness but also to encourage concrete action related to sustainable consumption and empower people to be informed, active, and engaged consumers making sustainable choices.

In a nutshell, we aim to enable, facilitate and encourage sustainable consumption and behavior by working with vendors, organizations and businesses and bringing them together on our platform.

Additionally, the platform seeks to broaden and concretize the understanding of sustainability by exploring personal, social, and cultural dimensions through blogs that can empower people to take more sustainable and meaningful decisions and actions in their daily lives.

Ultimately, our platform has the potential to be a catalyst towards more sustainable and healthier consumption.


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