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Great to see you here!

My name is Jan, a sustainable food enthusiast and advocate, and the founder of Thrive Sustainably. My background spans philosophy, anthropology and sustainability and my unwavering belief in the potential of people drives me. Together, we have the power to “thrive sustainably.” But my belief is not passive; it is a call to action.

In a world facing many personal, social, and environmental challenges, I am convinced that we urgently need changemakers – people with a hands-on mentality who live sustainability and apply it in their personal and professional life. I strive every day to be that person. I am enthusiastic and passionate about working with and for people on a more sustainable consumption and on sustainable, democratic and resilient food systems. I invite you to join me on this transformative journey.

Sustainability: A Lifelong Commitment

Sustainability has always been an integral part of my life. I was raised in an environmentally conscious and thrifty family that instilled in me a deep appreciation for nature and everything our planet provides. From an early age, I learned to be a guardian, cherishing and responsibly caring for our precious resources and what we have been given.

My passion for sustainability, particularly in the realm of healthy, organic food, is not just a passing interest—it is woven into my identity, lifestyle, and diet. It is both a personal and professional pursuit.  Likewise, the development of this platform is simultaneously a mission and an opportunity to further develop and share my lifelong passion.

My Academic Journey

My pursuit of sustainability has been a dynamic journey. Initially, I delved into philosophy, earning a Master of Philosophy from KU Leuven. While I cherished the realm of ideas regarding our existence, life and everything that really matters, I craved a more hands-on approach, but still centred around people.

àThis led me to a Master of Social and Cultural Anthropology. In my thesis, I explored the people’s personal and embodied relation with organic food in Belgium. My growing passion for sustainable and healthy food consumption pushed me to dig deeper.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of sustainability from a social and cultural perspective, I embarked on a Master of Sustainable Development. My thesis focused on unravelling the challenges and opportunities for exercising ‘Sustainable Food Citizenship’ on both the individual and the collective level.

Now, I bring this diverse knowledge and passion to my mission of encouraging sustainable, healthy (food) consumption and promoting organic local shops.

From Idea to Reality: The Birth of Thrive Sustainably

The idea for this platform was born while I was a student of Sustainable Development working at Biotoop, one of the oldest organic and local shops in Leuven. I have gained there practical knowledge and valuable experience, and that is also when the idea for this platform began to take shape.

This job has allowed me to see how the sector works and identify areas where improvements or innovations are needed, what local shops are missing and what I could do about it. I felt inspired to take action. After all, actions speak louder than words and have more impact.  

My hope for this platform is to inspire and assist you in living and consuming more consciously, prioritizing your health and the sustainability of our planet. Together, we can truly thrive sustainably.

Through my personal blogs, you can get to know me better, including my perspective on food and my personal relationship with it. You will also find there ideas and insights on (organic) food, consumption, and sustainability that I have gathered during my studies.

If you are interested in learning about the platform’s core values, goals, and mission, click here

About the web designer

The platform was built by Jochem Oomen, who not only possesses the necessary technical skills but also shares a commitment to sustainability in his work and personal life. Here are a few words from Jochem:

“I am Jochem Oomen, the WordPress web designer who has built Thrive Sustainably. As a web designer who attaches great importance to sustainability, the scientific argument of Thrive Sustainably was an important reason to build this platform. This website is based on scientific proof and shows that organic food is rather down-to-earth.”

Personally, I also try to live as sustainably as possible. For example, I only travel by bicycle and public transport and I work paperless as much as possible. Apart from being a web designer, I am also a photographer. Want to learn more? Feel free to check out my website.”

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